How Hypnotherapy can help?

This is a question that lots of people ask themselves, often people come to Hypnotherapy after they have exhausted other means of help, that’s fine, it doesn’t really matter, when you feel the time is right just give it a try.  If your motivation for change remains with you then Hypnotherapy may be the therapy that turns on the tap for you.   

Hypnotherapy works by bypassing the conscious and working with the sub-conscious to bring about effective and positive change. It’s a wonderful feeling of relaxation in which you the client remain in control. In your free consultation we can chat about this more and discover ways that Hypnotherapy may help you.  

Some people say, ‘I can’t be hypnotised’ this can be true, but if you are open to hypnosis then it is likely that you can embrace Hypnotherapy, what’s more you can learn to self-hypnotise, carrying these skills for a lifetime whenever and wherever you need them, this will be the right thing for you.

Some people get a little apprehensive about Hypnotherapy, usually this is misconceptions about mind control and fears that a Hypnotist may make you do things that you don’t wish to do. This is untrue, during the Hypnotic process, you remain in control, all the time. The only suggestions that are made are those that you want to make positive and lasting change. For further reassurance I am a registered clinical Hypnotherapist and registered Mental Health Nurse. I am bound ethically and morally by a strict code of conduct that ensures that your wellbeing is foremost in any therapeutic plan that we create together.

I offer CBT based Hypnotherapy using a client centred approach, this means that you, the client make the decisions and are in control of your therapeutic journey.

I hope that I have stimulated you’re interest in Hypnotherapy but understand you may still not be sure?  That’s fine, I’m here to have a chat and to reassure you without any obligation. If I think that Hypnotherapy can help you then I will encourage you to give it a go, likewise, if I don’t think Hypnotherapy is the correct route for you, I will offer alternative suggestions.  

My experience, knowledge and expertise lie within the field of mental health and therefore I offer, CBT based Hypnotherapy treatment for. 

  • Anxiety management
  • Working with depression
  • Confidence building and improved self-belief
  • Overcoming fears and phobias. E.g., needle phobia, flying
  • Working with trauma
  • IBS

From a wellbeing  point of view, I’m happy to support you to make positive changes that will enhance your sense of self-worth such as.

  • Weight management
  • Overcoming unwanted habits, i.e., smoking, gambling, addictive behaviours
  • Insomnia and improving sleep patterns
  • Goal setting

If there is anything that you would like to talk about or find out more, please ask. Remember ‘there is no such thing as a  stupid question’.

To find out more why not book a free 30-minute initial consultation, you never know this could be the decision that makes ‘Your time to change, the right time to change’.

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