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Lets talk about Mental Health – Is there still a stigma?

The one constant that I believe remains is the stigma of mental illness. Although many public figures are talking about their mental health battles, the fact is  that when people come to see me for therapies, some are still concerned  how mental illness may be perceived by others. This can be concern about employers, friends, neighbours, acquaintance’s and  family.

There are many reasons why people don’t want to share their feelings or experiences. People will often say to me, “people don’t understand what it’s like”, “I can’t go off work with stress”, “I’m worried that no one will believe me”, “they might think I’m being silly”, “I’m being going to be judged”, or “I’m worried I’ll lose my job”.

So, what is our responsibility as professionals working with people that are experiencing mental health issues? What can we do to reduce stigma so that people can discuss their problems? And are able to get support when they need it?

I think as professionals  we do have a responsibility on our social platforms to talk openly about mental health issues and how common they are and how significant they are to the individual, to our economy and within our society. We must remember that it is OK to talk and that we have a duty of care to listen and respond ethically and responsibly with in our professional capacity to openly discuss mental health and illness.

So what’s your thoughts? Do you think there is a stigma attached to mental illness and if so has this stopped you from talking to people about it or seeking help? I would love to know, please get in touch to chat. 



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